"Little Queenie"
(Lou Reed/Nico, 1970)

written by Chuck Berry

Apr 1970
hotel room, NYC

        There she's my queen standin' over by the record machine
        Lookin' like a pretty ..... the cover of some magazines
        She's too cute to be a minute over seventeen

        Meanwhile, I'm still thinkin'
        Little Queenie
        If it's a slow song, we'll omit it
        and if it's a rocker, we're goin' to get it
        Come on, Queenie

* all the strings downtuned a whole-tone
* note: this song has different pitch
(NOT "A=440Hz". about a half note down).
so total "1 + 1/2" tone down.
This tuning pitch is same as "Wildwood Flower", "Jessie James",
"The Sinking Of The Reuben James", "Little Sister (take 3 and 4)".

 1d ----- * downtuned a whole-tone (from e to d)
 2A ----- * downtuned a whole-tone (from B to A)
 3F ----- * downtuned a whole-tone (from G to F)
 4C ----- * downtuned a whole-tone (from D to C)
 5G ----- * downtuned a whole-tone (from A to G)
 6D ----- * downtuned a whole-tone (from E to D)

intro   {E}{E}{E}{E}

        {E}{A}{E}{E}   (There she's my queen standin' ...)
        {A}{A}{E}{E}   (Lookin' like a pretty ...)
        {B}{A}{E}{E}   (She's too cute to be a minute ...)

        {E}{E}{E}{E}   (Meanwhile, I'm still thinkin' ...)
        {E}{E}{E}      ( ...)
        {A}{A}{E}{E}   (- slow song, we'll omit it ...)
        {B..           (Come on, Queenie)

transcribed by Shiroh KOUCHI (wildside@mx21.tiki.ne.jp)