"Black Building"
album _No Balance Palace_
(Kashmir, 2005)

written by
Kasper Eistrup/Henrik Lindstrand/
Asger Engholm Techau/Mads Tunebjerg

Lou Reed: spoken word

        I've passed that little black building down on the corner
        so many times
        and I often wondered if anyone lived there

        It looked like an empty dwelling with its cracked façade
        dusty windows
        curtains withdrawn
        no lights, no signs of anything

        I talked to Jewel about it
        she had the same idea

        That old guy that always hangs out
        outside the liquor store next door


        told me he'd once seen the devil
        in one of those windows up there
        blowing him a kiss

        He had a certain serious
        almost eerie look on his face as he said it
        as if he'd actually seen the dark Lord
        said he'd seen him throw trash out of the back window
        that he'd been stealing the furniture
        from whatever bars closed down in the neighbourhood
        but he's an old guy
        probably delirious

        So anyway the other day me and Ricco decided to break in

        to see what the dark palace was really all about
        (it had a long tall hallway)
        it had a long tall hallway
        that led to a staircase in the back
        and on the right side
        I counted
        seven doors

transcribed by Shiroh KOUCHI (wildside@mx21.tiki.ne.jp)